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La Maestra Family Clinic

La Maestra Family Clinic is unique in the diverse cultures it serves and in identifying the health needs of the special populations. The services, programs, and functional units of the Clinic have all developed and been implemented in response to demonstrated needs presented by its patient base.

City Heights Community Development Corporation

Mission: "To Enhance the Quality of Life in City Heights by Working with our Community to Create Quality Affordable Housing & Livable Neighborhoods, Foster Economic Self-Sufficiency and Stimulate Investment."

Consensus Organizing Center, San Diego State University

It is the mission of the Consensus Organizing Center to develop the talents of local students and community residents and teach the Consensus Organizing Model as a tool to be used to effect community improvements and connect previously disjointed groups to form positive partnerships.

Center on Policy Initiatives

The Center on Policy Initiatives was established in 1997 to promote higher standards of living for poor and moderate-income families through research, policy development, public education and effective advocacy. CPI focuses on research and policy development that address structural factors and issues crucial for linking community and regional economic development.

California Partnership For Working Families

The California Partnership for Working Families is a new statewide organization formed by an alliance among the Center on Policy Initiatives, the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and Working Partnerships, U.S.A. These four organizations have joined together to build a new statewide economic justice movement with a mission to change the nature and purpose of economic development from developer profit/property tax to community benefit and good jobs.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Helps resident-led, community-based development organizations transform distressed communities and neighborhoods into healthy ones-- good places to live, do business, work and raise families. By providing capital, technical expertise, training and information, LISC supports the development of local leadership and the creation of affordable housing, commercial, industrial and community facilities, businesses and jobs. We help neighbors build communities.

United Domestic Workers

UDW is a labor union founded in 1979 to represent domestic workers, home attendants, and in-home care workers.

Environmental Health Coalition

EHC is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice. We believe that justice is accomplished by empowered communities acting together to make social change. We organize and advocate to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution. EHC supports broad efforts that create a just society which foster a healthy and sustainable quality of life.

Price Charities

Price Charities is the umbrella for several philanthropic entities inspired and funded by San Diego’s Price family, founder of the retail chain, Price Club. Price Charities is committed to building better communities in San Diego and Imperial Counties, with a particular focus on City Heights in the City of San Diego.


PolicyLink is a national nonprofit research, communications, capacity building, and advocacy organization working to advance policies to achieve economic and social equity. PolicyLink collaborates with a broad range of partners to implement strategies to ensure that everyone—including those from low-income communities of color—can contribute to and benefit from economic growth and prosperity.

San Diego Housing Federation

The San Diego Housing Federation is a coalition of nonprofit and other organizations and individuals working together to produce quality affordable housing and community development for lower income households.

Metro United Methodist Urban Ministries

Metro is an outreach agency of the United Methodist Church, which provides direct social services and support community development. Metro seeks to assist local churches in expanding their capacity to become more actively involved in the lives of neighborhoods.


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