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Ableza is dedicated to helping Native American Arts and Media reach audiences by offering full instructional and production services in the dramatic arts, music, film, television and video production, and other visual arts. 

American Indian Child Resource Center

The AICRC offers social services and education to urban Indian children and their families in 10 counties of the Bay Area.

American Indian Film Institute

AIFI fosters Native filmmakers and those with stories about Native American life to share their stories to a broader audience through its Annual Film Festival and through its Tribal Touring Program. AIFI seeks to increase the understanding of Native American culture, traditions and issues facing contemporary Native Americans through films that help to "unlearn" damaging stereotypes and replace them with multi-dimensional images that reflect the complexity of Native peoples.

Exhibitions Resource Alliance

CERA offers a broad range of engaging, high-quality exhibitions to museums and cultural institutions at very affordable fess. Recent and current exhibits involve Native California communities, historical as well as contemporary life of California Indian Tribes.

California Native Artists Network – Neshkinukat

Neshkinukat - the California Native Artists Network - is an informal network of American Indian, Alaska Native, and other Indigenous artists living in California. This statewide network serves to unify the California Native arts community.

California Rural Indian Health Board.

CRIHB offers culturally sensitive, high quality health care services to Indian communities throughout rural California. CRIHB focuses on the areas of Consensus Building, Program Development, Legislation and Advocacy, Organizational Development, and Training.

DQ University

DQ University is a two-year accredited, non-profit college dedicated to providing a quality education in a culturally sensitive environment, offering courses reflecting indigenous traditions and philosophy.

International Indian Treaty Council (IITC)

IITC represents indigenous peoples as an NGO with Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and works to set international standards in the areas of Indigenous Rights, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Treaty and Land Rights, Cultural Rights, Sacred Sites and Religious Freedom and Indigenous Children’s Rights.

Intertribal Friendship House

The Intertribal Friendship House offers indigenous peoples of the Bay Area a place to meet, discuss and share experiences. After-school programs, traditional dance and art education, and substance abuse meetings are a few of the services offered to the community.

Los Angeles Indigenous People’s Alliance

The Indigenous People’s Alliance offers cultural events, seminars and workshops, and serves as an affliate of the International Xicano Human Rights Council, a working group of IITC.

National Indian Justice
Center (NIJC)

The National Indian Justice Center an Indian owned and operated non-profit corporation dedicated to providing educational, training and conferences to facilitate relations with between the Native community and tribal and non-tribal government agencies and victims associations. The California Indian Museum is funded by NIJC to acquire, record, preserve, study, interpret, and exhibit information that will bring greater understand of the contemporary and historical life of California indigenous people.

American Health Center

Native American Health Center offers culturally sensitive health care for Bay Area Native Americans, and offers activities designed to improve and maintain physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Seventh Generation Fund

Seventh Generation Fund is guided by the fundamental need to consider the impact of decisions today for the seventh generation. SGF works with grassroots Native communities spanning the Western Hemisphere in their project planning, development and problem-solving efforts. As an Indigenous peoples’ advocacy organization, SGF areas of focus are sustainable communities, promoting traditional economies, developing alternative energy, protecting sacred sites and traditional spiritual practices, pressuring the United Nations to recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples, and establishing national and international coalitions and linkages for social justice that span the globe.

United American Indian Involvement, Inc.

UAII provides health care, family services, and diabetes management for Native American people living in Los Angeles, as well as the American Indian Clubhouse for Native American youth.


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